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About Durness

Welcome to the spectacular and tranquil area in the Highlands of Scotland. Durness prides itself in being an area unspoiled by the pressures of recent convention and remains a community with many traditional values and life styles. We welcome visitors and we offer the chance to see and participate in true Scottish hospitality as is the expectation worldwide.

Lying 16 kilometres (10 miles) east of Cape Wrath and 100 miles west from John o Groats on the north coast, it is the most north-westerly inhabited area of Britain and home to some 320 people. A collection of scattered townships and farms, it has a diverse economy, but the mainstays are tourism, fish farming, sheep farming and crofting. The pace of life is slower and more traditional than in more densely populated areas. on the “corner” of Scotland, Durness makes an ideal base for touring the rest of the north – west highlands, a vast area of outstanding natural beauty. Durness makes a good point for touring the rest of North West Sutherland as it is the "corner" of the road system; from here you can only go south or east.

There is an abundance of magnificent scenery and wildlife, a natural stopping place.

The splendour of Durness is expressed in its extended horizons, in certain parts a view of over thirty kilometres is not uncommon. The scenery around is magnificent and for those accustomed to city dwelling the sheer scale of the landscape is awe inspiring. This is surely one of the most beautiful areas of Europe with sparkling rivers, scattered lochs, shimmering beaches, rugged mountains and vast expanses of open moorland, here visitors will find peace and quietness ; an absolute abundance of wildlife, clean, uncrowded beaches; some of the world's best fishing; and space in which to enjoy the clear invigorating air.

Within the parish boundaries can be found evidence of cave dwellings, stone circles, chambered cairns, 8th century Christian settlement, the Vikings, 18th century architecture, the notorious clearances and the Second World war. The coastline is fringed with spectacular beaches of silver sand, soaring cliffs and deep caves. It is an ideal place to explore the solitude of the highlands, to watch the varied wildlife and birds, or enjoy a spot of fishing or golf.  The spectacular mountain scenery is formed from some of the oldest rocks in the world, Lewisian Gneiss.  

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