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Highland Gathering

An annual event usually held on the last Friday in July has all the trimmings of traditional Scottish Highland Games. Revived in 1970 after a break of approximately ten years. Difficulty was experienced in obtaining the cups and gold bar from the bank when they were deposited. Some members of the original committee were reluctant to sign over the trophies for a revival. The original gold bar – Hugh Mackay Piping medal – is in safe keeping and has been replaced with a mounted replica and engraved with the competition winner each year. The local shops and businesses contribute towards the prize money, cups and shields for the competitions.

The gathering always used to be referred to as the Sports and have developed from local people competing to an event when old friends, relatives and natives of Durness return and meet up. Athletes from all over come to participate. In 1914, the Sports can be recollected as being held at Achins in September. Since 1970, the Gathering has been held in the present field, Shore Park, beyond the football pitch.

 The 2013 chieftains and officials of the Durness Highland Gathering, a traditional Scottish Highland Games.



1971 George Y Mackie C.B.E.   D.S.O.   D.F.C

1972 Mr. Addison F. McCoubrey M.B.   Ch.B O.P.H

1973 Colonel A.M.Gilmour OBE M.C

1974 Mr. Angus MacPherson of Achany M.B.E.

1975 F.G. Armstrong  Chief Ex. Highland Regional Council

1976 Mr. Charles Mackay

1977 Mr. Christie Campbell

1978 Julia Mackenzie Strathpeffer

1979 Mr. Gordon Burr Tongue

1980 Mr. Norman McAskill Lochinver

1981 Dr Sandeman, Durness

1982 Mr. John Mackay


1984 Mr. Joseph Mackay Melness

1985 Mrs. Dottie J Mackay, Parkhill Hotel Durness

1986 Mr. L Montgomery Moiraville Durness

1987 Mrs. Madge Campbell Atlantic View Durness

1988 Mr. Charlie Simpson Wick

1989 Mr Fraser Wilson Dornoch

1990 Mr. Charlie O’Brien Strathnaver

1991 Mr. Colin Campbell Fochabers Moray

1992 Mr. Iain Anderson

1993 Mr. Don Morrison

1994 Mrs. Lelia Mackenzie Achriesgill

1995 Mr. W H Morrison, Durness

1996 Dr Winifred M Ewing

1997 Mr. Ken MacRae Durness

1998 Dr George Sanderson Durness

1999 Mr. A Robertson, Durness

2000 Mr. Iain Keith

2001 Mrs. Janette Mackay Strathy West

2002 The Rt.Hon Lord Maclennan of Rogart

2003 John Ridgway Ardmore

2004 Jim McCall MBE Beechgrove Garden

2005 Ally Bain and Phil Cunningham

2006 Michael Mather Durness

2007 Willie Morrison

2008 Catherine Jackson

2009 Lachlan Ross

2010 Mrs. Iris Mackay

2011 Angus Ballie

2012 Ronnie Lansley

2013 Jill and Graham Bruce

2014 Kenny Macrae

2015 Anne & John Mackenzie

2016 Margaret Macrae



1. ROBERT MORRISON MEMORIAL TROPHY for Jnr. Piping under 15 years  –

2. ROBERT MORRISON MEMORIAL TROPHY for Jnr Piping 15 yrs – under 18 years

3. J.& J MATHER MEMORIAL SHIELD for Junior Piping (confined to north west Sutherland)

4. HUGH MACKAY CUP Jnr. Piping (Confined to County of Sutherland)

5. LEWIS CUP for Professional Pipers


7. BANK OF SCOTLAND TROPHY  for most promising piper (Confined to Sutherland)

8. DEWAR TROPHY – Highland Dancing 12 & under

9. SANDEMAN CUP – Highland Dancing 13 – 15 years

10. JULIA MACKENZIE TROPHY For dancers 12 yrs & under confined to Sutherland & Ross-shire

11. CABERFEIDH CUP – Highland Dancing 16 yrs & Over

12. CAPE WRATH HOTEL CUP  for Open Track Events

13. RISPOND TROPHY for open heavy events

14. McCOUBREY TROPHY for Heavy events (Confined to Sutherland)

15. KEEP-FIT TROPHY – Best Snr. Male Athlete from Durness Parish

16. KEEP-FIT TROPHY – Best Senior Female Athlete from Durness Parish

17. MARJORIE CAMPBELL SHIELD – Track, Field & Fun Events Boys & Girls 16 – 18 yrs Open

18. FERGUSSON CUP Boys 16 – 18 Confined to Sutherland

19.KINLOCH SHIELD – Track, Field & Fun events, Girls 12 – 16yrs (Confined to Sutherland)

20. BURTON CUP,  boys 12 – 16 yrs (confined to Sutherland)

21. ANN, DUCHESS OF WESTMINSTER CUP for girls under 12 from Durness Parish

22. MONTOMERY CUP for boys under 12 from Parish of Durness

23. HAIG TANKARD – Hill Race

24. RIDGWAY TROPHY – Hill Race 35 yrs & Over

25. RIDGWAY TROPHY – HILL RACE 65 YRS & OVER (New trophy presented 2003)


27. DURNESS YOUTH CLUB TROPHY, Hill Race Boys under 18

28. DURNESS YOUTH CLUB TROPHY, Hill Race Girls under 16

29. KEEP FIT TROPHY – hill race (confined to Durness)

30. BARR CUP Overall Champion from Parish of Durness

31. CARRIE CUP for Snr Champion in Open Athletics


33. QUEEN’S GOLDEN JUBILEE TROPHY Overall winner, Under 8 confined to Durness Primary School

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