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Local History

Following a Durness Primary School Project Dig for History 1990 there were several areas of interest and historical periods in Durness history that were worth further investigation.

The outcomes of the project highlighted the little written legacy of Durness History and 3 beautiful wall hangings depicting life and events in Durness in 1841, 1908 and 1990. They were created with the children, parents teachers and people from the Durness village and are on the cover of the book Dig for History Active Learning Across the curriculum by Joathan Croall describing the Dig Where you stand Scheme. To this day they hang in Durness Information centre.

Further investigations into Durness local history were initiated through the forming of a local studies group compiling a book Durness Past and Present and setting about collecting and archiving old photographs and stories. Durness Development Group was formed from a tourist initiative and identified two elements of the history to pursue with heritage projects. The intentions were to develop visitor interests through interpretation of heritage and the natural environment. In 2003 a feasibility Study was carried out on Loch Croispol School and Ceannabeinne Township.

During 2007 and 2008 A project was carried out called Consolidation, access and interpretation of Heritage, to conserve and enhance the Environment of Ceannabeinne preclearance Township and starting in January 2009 a project of Interpretation & Exploration of the landscape at Loch Croispol Schoolhouse was started. Mackay Country Community Trust was established to look at ways of developing the heritage environment of Durness and the place of the village in the old Provence of Strathnaver.  

Much of Durness is related to its history. Describing the prominent features of the area inevitably means reference to the past to understand where they stand in the present.

Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland
Durn, Durness

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