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Glengolly is a working croft with North Country Cheviot Sheep, so the Border Collies are used for many tasks.  They gather in the sheep from the many acres of hill ground where the sheep are put out to graze, the sheep are then sorted at fanks (sheep holding pens), and moved to wherever their destination is.  The dogs are required to assist with this work such as pushing them up the shedder and guiding them into trailers.  Some of the stock are walked to their respective crofts, and this can be dangerous as the roads are very busy during the summer months. 

Cap and Beaut

Beaut & Cap.jpg


The dogs are also a necessity at other times of the year such as lambing, shearing, and dipping.

Sadly some of the older dogs are no longer with us and they are much missed. There are six border collies on the croft - Mirk, Cap, Beaut, Moss, Buzz and Hemp.

Martin likes to train his pups himself and they are either bred by him or bought at around eight weeks old.  Training begins when the pups are a few months old although this can vary from dog to dog, depending on their ability.  When time permits Martin competes in local sheepdog trials with varying degrees of success!

It’s not all work and no play for the collies, they enjoy long walks in the hill or on the beach. You can meet all the dogs and see them at work (or play) if you wish, when you stay with us.





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